Shaping our local services

Since the East Coseley Big Local programme started a number of local services have been withdrawn from the area and others are subject to ongoing change in response to government cuts to local areas. Services available through Coseley Children’s Centre have been reduced. In 2016 the Dementia Gateway in Coseley was closed, with the 50 people attending it being transferred to one of the two others in Dudley borough. In August 2017 Coseley School, a secondary school with capacity for 975 pupils will close.

Some of the most significant changes to services are in health and social care. Dudley is one of 50 vanguard areas selected to test a new model of care following the publication of the Five Year Forward View by NHS England. Dudley will be the first place in the country to set up a Multi-specialty Community Provider. Local service providers have been redesigning the local health and care system so that all those involved in a person’s care work together in community teams. See more at

At the time of writing this plan, Dudley CCG had issued a Prior Information Notice for the commissioning of a Multi-Specialty Community Provider. A contract for local health services which fall in the scope of the new provider should be in place by 1st April 2018. East Coseley Big Local are keen to grow an ongoing relationship with local health agencies, building on findings from research carried out through Local Trust which Coseley residents participated in. See: