Start something

Together we’re making Coseley even more vibrant and welcoming to all!

Big Local does this by connecting people and local groups and supporting people to shine. We’d love you to get involved. There are all sorts of ways you can bring your special sparkle to Coseley.

Community Sparks are people who do things like…

  • Encouraging people in Coseley who have great ideas and are looking for support to turn them into action.
  • Welcoming people at Big Local events, forums and meetings.
  • Connecting people through all sorts of communications.
  • Offering a hand at events and activities. From planting flowers to litter picks and more.

It’s really simple to join in, just get in touch with us – there’s more information and a form on our Community Sparks page.

Community Spirit support is one-off, quick turn around funding available to Community Sparks through Big Local.

If you have contributed your talents and time to Big Local activities, we’d like to support your activities to grow community spirit. We will do this with more than money, and if you wish to you can also access the Community Spirit Fund for activities which are open to all. The fund is for small amounts of money which will make a difference to what is already possible with all the resources we have around us.

Start a new project 

We’re looking for people with passion to get things started. We are already working with lots of local people, groups and organisations on a wide range of activities. From out of school clubs to growing projects, arts and heritage activities to fitness and health initiatives. We can help you to connect to others, make the most of the abundant resources we have around us, and we can invest some of the Big Local £1million in community projects and local enterprises. All you need to start is an idea you are passionate about. We can support individuals, teams and existing groups and organisations.