Sustaining our local economy

Promoting and working with local businesses

The very first East Coseley Big Local activity initiated was the production of a quarterly newsletter, the Grapevine. It is hand delivered to all households and local businesses in the Big Local area. It includes a regular spotlight on local business owners, which has led to increased connections and customers for those featured. Coseley businesses have also supported Big Local projects in various ways, and their support has been promoted. These activities will continue between 2017 and 2020.

Tackling household debt

East Coseley Big Local partnered with Castle & Crystal Credit Union to help tackle personal and household debt and financial challenges being experienced by local residents. In a 12 month period Castle & Crystal recruited 22 new adult members, and saved borrowers in the Big Local area a total of £28,000 in interest. The £15,000 corporate deposit made with Big Local funds will remain in Castle & Crystal to 2020, and more activity undertaken to promote credit union services and recruit members.

Nurturing social enterprise

UnLtd supports social entrepreneurs across the UK, and works in partnership with Local Trust to support people in Big Local areas to try out, create and build ventures that bring social benefit locally. East Coseley Big Local area working with UnLtd to find, nurture and support social entrepreneurs.

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